Shelter Cove, California’s “Lost Coast”

Shelter Cove, California’s “Lost Coast”

Shelter Cove California is a great place to enjoy the west coast at an affordable price

Looking for a relaxing get away or want to possibly relocate to a Coastal destination? Owning property in beautiful Shelter Cove California might be for you. Called one of the best kept secrets in California, the black sand beaches of Shelter Cove are great for families, adventure seekers, or those looking to retire.

Part of California’s “Lost Coast” and located in Humboldt County; Shelter Cove has countless activities to offer. There is kayak fishing, boat fishing, relaxing on the beach, camping, biking and hiking. Just a small distance from Shelter Cove is The Paradise Royal Mountain Bike Loop which boasts mountain biking trails and camping at nearby Tolkan Campground and hiking in Tolkan Mountain Park.

The weather in Shelter Cove remains very moderate with only a small temperature variation from January where it can range from 57 degrees F, to 69 degrees F in September. On average, the Winters are wet and the summers dry, making for an ideal setting year-round. It’s a quiet, little town that still offers a 9-hole golf course that surrounds the Shelter Cove Airport. There is a boating dock with access to the Pacific Ocean that is managed by the Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District.

Even though the town is quaint, there are restaurants, a deli, coffee shop, general store, a community center and several inns. Whether you are looking for a slower pace of life in a smaller community, or are seeking a quiet place to relocate; the affordable prices on this coastal property can make this dream come true. 


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