#L11697-1 Lot in San Bernardino County CA $6,899.00 ($166.41/Month)

  • $200.00
  • Down Payment: $1 Down + Document Fee

This lot is located only a few miles south of Silverwood Lake in Cedar Pines Park, a short drive from Lake Gregory, Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake.

Take advantage of all that the San Bernardino Mountains have to offer, including Hiking, Climbing Camping, Boating, Fishing, off-roading and Skiing. The San Bernardino Mountains are one of the most popular getaway destinations in Southern California with many outdoor activities including climbing, hiking, camping, skiing, boating and much more. It is roughly bordered by the Mojave or High Desert to the north, the San Gabriel Mountains to the west, Joshua Tree National Park to the east and the eastern San Gabriel Valley to the south. The crown jewel of the mountain range is San Gorgonio Wilderness Area, a large subalpine expanse. The San Bernardino Mountains are also home to several popular ski resorts located at or near Big Bear Lake. Lake Arrowhead to the west and Big Bear Lake to the east provide many sporting activities for water enthusiasts. The close proximity to Los Angeles makes the San Bernardino Mountains a favorite second home or weekend getaway destination for many in Southern California. One can truly enjoy a wide variety of flora and fauna in the San Bernardino Mountains. Lower elevations are thick with chaparral and the eastern flanks will include Joshua trees, Junipers and Pinyon pines. Higher elevations will include several pine varieties including Jeffrey, Sugar, Ponderosa and Coulter. Amongst these you will also find some species of Oak, Fir, Cedar, Maple and Dogwood. At the highest elevations you will see Lodgepole and Limber Pines. Higher elevations will also include significant groves of Manzanita. This evergreen shrub or at times small tree has very distinctive and attractive red branching with green foliage. There is also abundant animal life as well including larger species such as Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Black Bear and Mountain Lions. Don't be surprised to see flocks of Ravens circling above as you approach the highest elevations. *Photos are of General Area


  • APN: 0342-035-13-0-000
  • GPS Marker:  34.2624, -117.32104
  • Legal Description: Lot 74 Block “G” Tract 1895 Cedarpines Park No 8
  • Property Address: Burnt Mill Canyon Area
  • Current Zoning: 05 - Single Family Residential
  • Tax Classification: 1
  • Tax Rate Area: 0105025
  • District:
  • Size: .Lot
  • Terrain: Varried
  • Power/Water: 
  • Property Taxes: $138.28 / YR
  • HOA Fees: N/A

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Purchase Price: $6,899.00
Interest Rate: (8%)
Loan Term: 5 Years
Monthly Payment: $139.89

Down Payment: $1.00
Document Fee: $199.00
DUE TODAY: $200.00

Land Payment: $139.89
Property Tax: $11.52
HOA/ Assoc. Fees: N/A
Monthly Processing Fee: $15.00

CASH PRICE: $5,899.00 + Taxes and Fees

Be sure to reference L11697-1 in any correspondence.

$1 down payment and $199 document fee for lot #L11697-1 in California. Your welcome packet, contract, and payment coupon book for your monthly payments will be sent to the shipping address you provide. (Please note that we do charge a shipping fee)



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