Living "Off-Grid" In Costilla County

Living "Off-Grid" In Costilla County

Costilla County is located in beautiful South Central Colorado, to the west of Trinchera and Culebra Peak and just north of the New Mexico Border.  Home to San Luis, the oldest town in Colorado and well off the beaten path, Costilla County is the ninth-least populous county with 3500 +/- Residents.  With a History this deep; there are plenty of historical sites to explore, activities for the outdoor enthusiast, as well as a place to lay down roots for those looking to live “Off Grid.”

Some of the historical sites that can be visited are Fort Garland, an army fort that was built in 1858 and was once commanded by Kit Carson. Sangre de Cristo Parish Church was built in 1886 and is located in San Luis. The oldest operating business in the state of Colorado is the R&R Supermarket, that has had its doors open since 1857. The San Luis Museum and Cultural Center has collections of civil war history, carnival masks, pottery making and old pictures of the county.

Costilla County-- where off the grid living is a great option

Recreational opportunities abound and include Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting and more.  For the Hunter, some of the best big game hunting can be had in this county. Here you can find deer, elk, antelope, bears, and bighorn sheep.   There are also several reservoirs in the county; Sanchez Reservoir, Eastdale Reservoir, Smith Reservoir and Mountain Home Reservoir, all home to excellent fishing and boating. Some of the types of fish that might be caught are pike, bass, trout, and walleye.

Due to the rural nature of the area, as well as dirt road access; Costilla County could be perfect for those looking to live the off grid lifestyle. Homesteaders would do very well in this part of Colorado as there is already a fairly extensive off grid community in the area. 

While Costilla County is historically friendly to camping on your own property while building, checking into current building codes and requirements is highly advised prior to purchase. It is also recommended that any potential property owner research power options (solar, generator, etc.) before purchase.

If you have ever thought about owning a breathtaking piece of land in Colorado, Costilla County might be for you. With affordable monthly prices, No Credit Check and Owner financing, these 5 acre parcels may provide the perfect opportunity to begin the off grid process.  As with all of our properties, we advise conducting due diligence prior to purchase to verify parcels meet your needs.  Contact us today, and ask us about how you could own your very own piece of Colorado.


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