How does EZ-PAY work?

Dollar Land Store's EZ-PAY is an option for our customers to own raw land in as little as 12 months with low monthly payments and 0% interest.  This offer is available on select parcels and indicated by the EZ-PAY Logo.

EZ-PAY differs slightly from our traditional Owner Financing options and allows you the flexibility to pay the Cash Price for a Parcel over 12 Payments; however, there are some stipulations to this offer and it is only available on certain parcels.

  • Monthly Payments must be made with Personal / Cashiers Check or Money Order; Credit Cards are not an acceptable method of payment for EZ-PAY Parcels.

  • Payments must be on time and consistent, Customers Account Must Remain Current and Contract will become void if Payments become 30 days overdue.

  • Parcels with EZ-PAY Option are limited and sold on a first come, first served basis.  The down payment is still only $1.00, however there is a $299 Document fee due at the time of purchase, at the end of the 12 month term or once the property has been paid off, there is a one time $99.00 Deed Preparation Fee.

  •  Once you have conducted your due diligence and are prepared to purchase a property you may make the down payment on the property, however, if you decided not to keep the property or terminate the "standard agreement of sale," the deposit, document fees, and any payments are non-refundable. The "standard agreement of sale" must be signed by within 15 days of purchase or down payment and processing fees will be retained by Seller as damages.

  • All of Dollar Land Store's other Terms and Conditions also apply, unless otherwise noted.